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Coronavirus: Johnson returns, lockdown dilemmas and Capt Tom honoured

Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak this Monday morning. We’ll have another update for you at 18:00 BST.

1. PM back to work

Boris Johnson is back in charge of the country today after suffering from coronavirus. He’ll chair the regular morning cabinet meeting on Covid-19 before holding talks with senior ministers and officials – although it’s unclear at this stage whether he will lead Monday’s afternoon news briefing. Read more on what it’s like to recover from the disease.

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2. Lockdown dilemma

Over the coming days, Boris Johnson faces hugely difficult decisions over how and when to relax the UK’s lockdown. Other nations are starting to ease their restrictions, including one of the worst hit, Italy. New Zealand has gone as far as to say the virus is effectively eliminated there. On Sunday, the PM’s understudy, Dominic Raab, said the UK would end up “moving to a new normal”. Follow the latest from around the world via our live page.

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Media captionChildren in Spain have been allowed outside for the first time in six weeks

3. Would social ‘bubbles’ help?

One possible way of edging back to normal might be to allow everyone to choose a small group of people – their top 10 – to socialise with. Would it work and how could it be policed? Read more.

4. Coping with extra challenges

For most people the Covid-19 crisis is an unsettling, confusing time. But for hundreds of thousands of adults with autism in the UK the problems are acute. Read why. People with motor neurone disease have also told the BBC they feel forgotten because of changing government advice.

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Simon is one of many autistic people left isolated by coronavirus

5. Capt Tom honoured with postmark

Royal Mail will stamp all letters with a special message this week to celebrate Captain Tom Moore’s 100th birthday on Thursday. The veteran has raised £29m for the NHS by walking laps of his garden.

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Media captionThe people inspired by Captain Tom’s fundraising

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