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Coronavirus: Daily update as restrictions for vulnerable due to change

Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak on Sunday. We’ll have another update for you tomorrow.

1. People shielding in England allowed outdoors again from Monday

Vulnerable people in England who have been asked to stay at home since the coronavirus lockdown began 10 weeks ago will be allowed to go outdoors once a day from Monday. The new guidance will allow those shielding to go outside with members of their own household, or for those living alone, with one other person from another household while maintaining social distancing.

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2. The mystery of ‘silent spreaders’

Many people who become infected with coronavirus develop a cough, fever and loss of taste and smell, yet others have no symptoms at all. These people may never realise they are carrying Covid-19, but scientists say it is vital to understand how many are infected in this way and whether “silent spreaders” are fuelling the pandemic.

3. I’m high risk but made a full recovery from coronavirus

The thought of contracting coronavirus can be terrifying for many of those living with an underlying health condition. While the numbers may appear frightening, many people considered high risk – such as Bryony Hopkins who has Crohn’s Disease – make a full recovery.

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4. In the middle of the Pacific with nowhere to land

When a group of performers left Mexico on a 75ft sailing boat on 21 February, they were aware of coronavirus, but they had no idea how soon – or how seriously – it would affect them. Countries suddenly started closing their sea borders, leaving the vessel with no guarantee of a safe haven before the start of the typhoon season.

5. Teepee built at school to allow social distancing

As primary schools in England are due to reopen to selected year groups on Monday, one school in Suffolk has created a rather unique classroom for its pupils so they can learn while maintaining social distancing – a teepee. Meanwhile, there has been a heated debate about whether classes should resume on 1 June, so how safe is it to send children back to school?

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Media captionA Suffolk school has built a teepee to allow social distancing

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