Saturday, August 8, 2020
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How Coronavirus is Upending Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Traditions | NYT News

Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews are estimated to have died in Brooklyn. Here's how the pandemic is changing their longstanding rituals. Subscribe: ... source

Inside One of New York’s Deadliest Zip Codes | Coronavirus News

The first coronavirus patient arrived at St. John's hospital in Far Rockaway in March. During the peak, the morgue was averaging 17 to 18...

Inside Two N.Y.C. Morgues Overwhelmed With Coronavirus | Coronavirus News

Coronavirus forced New York City's hospital morgues to recruit an army of temporary workers. Two college students chronicled the grim realities and the glints...

How Coronavirus Ravaged Ecuador: From First Confirmed Case to Thousands Dead...

Ecuador took early aggressive measures to stop the coronavirus, but ended up becoming an epicenter of the pandemic in Latin America. How? We revisit...

How Covid-19 Derailed a New York Dream | Coronavirus News

Najee Wilson is a 32-year-old artist's muse who is quarantining alone in Crown Heights. Unable to work or see his friends, his video diary...

How Coronavirus Attacks the Body | NYT News

It doesn't take long for mild coronavirus symptoms to turn serious. These virtual reality images show how the virus can invade the lungs and...

Coronavirus Testing: U.S. Residents Share Their Woes | NYT News

Since March 3, the Trump administration has said coronavirus testing is available to all. But people across the country told us that's not the...

Doctors Face Troubling Question: Are They Treating Coronavirus Correctly? | NYT...

Doctors say the coronavirus is challenging core tenets of medicine, leading some to abandon long-established ventilator protocols for certain patients. But other ... source

How New Yorkers Are Coping With Coronavirus | NYT News

With restrictions tightened on businesses and daily activity, residents are grappling with uncertainty about resources, health care and their paychecks. source

Iran Played Down the Coronavirus. Then Its Officials Got Sick |...

More than 237 people have died of coronavirus in Iran, and critics say the government was slow to respond to the outbreak because it...